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Jan 29 15

In honor of Baadur Jobava’s Tata Steel Tournament

I went looking around for an example of this eclectic strong GM winning at blindfold chess but, unfortunately, couldn’t come up with any decent wins.  Instead, I present a game of his against the recently disappointing Aronian.  This game is from the 2012 SportAccord Blindfold tournament which, which Aronian won. I do find him to be a classy player, and wish him luck finding his form again!

Here it’s a pretty standard opening, despite Jobava’s reputation, at least through the first 10 moves. Then Jobava plays the dubious Bh6 and things start to go astray. No permanent damage is done until he blunders his knight after missing 17. Qe3 — pinning his knight to his undefended rook. He fights on valiantly, but finally throws in the towel with his Queen imprisoned cleverly on a2. I do love seeing 2700’s making blindfold blunders!

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